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  • Stash: My Life in Hiding


    Stash: My Life in Hiding

    I really enjoyed this book. It’s super quick but incredibly poignant. I don’t know why I love reading about rich people’s addictions so much, but I do. And this one delivered. Had incredible depth and I thought was funny and emotionally honest. On Kindle from Libby.

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  • None of This Is True


    None of This Is True

    I saw this (specifically the Audible version) recommended by @thebuyguide and I loved it. I haven’t enjoyed a fiction audio book this much in a long time. It has a full cast and sound design. The story was interesting and engaging. I think the only bad thing I could say is it felt like it had four natural conclusions at the end but then kept going. Not for a long time. I just kept thinking “this is it” and then another chapter came. Definitely recommend though. Would be a great book club book because there’s a lot to discuss at the end.

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  • You Shouldn’t Have Come Here


    You Shouldn’t Have Come Here

    This read like a Lifetime movie script that got passed on. Absurd and not in a fun way. ChatGBT would have written a more cogent story.

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  • Truly, Darkly, Deeply


    Truly, Darkly, Deeply

    I enjoyed this and blew through it. There’s maybe one twist and you kind of see it coming so I wouldn’t call it twisty, but I would say it’s extremely gripping. The author’s ability to keep you questioning the same things over and over without it being tiresome is impressive.

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  • Mrs. Nash’s Ashes


    Mrs. Nash’s Ashes

    This was good. I think it may even be great, I was just the wrong audience. It’s very sweet, tender and emotional, which is not my favorite, but it was still enjoyable. I think people who enjoyed The Notebook will love this. I wouldn’t call it a romcom. I would say it is a romance novel with a few spicy scenes. I listed on Audible.

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  • The Chateau


    The Chateau

    This was a quick enjoyable read. The twists have a scooby-doo vibe to them. It’s all a far fetched ‘I’ve brought you here to tell you all something, but it must be in person and I will keep putting it off for no reason until something terrible happens’ premise. But, if you go into thinking Clue and not Gone Girl it will be much more enjoyable.

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  • What Lies in the Woods


    What Lies in the Woods

    Really enjoyed this thriller. Very twisty. You can see most of the twists coming, but that’s because the author stays true to the characters. I’m always a bit annoyed when a character turns on a dime or changes out of left field just to get in a twist that you didn’t see coming. This book stayed far away from that while remaining very gripping. A @beachreadsandbubbly rec.

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  • Drowning Erin


    Drowning Erin

    Was this good? No. Did I read it in a week? Yes. Would I recommend it? No.

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  • The True Love Experiment


    The True Love Experiment

    Stayed up too late to finish this. Super cute and light. Very mild spice. Not 23 year olds. No dumb miscommunication tropes. Fun female main character. Very enjoyable read.

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  • A Deal With The Devil


    A Deal With The Devil

    Love a B.R.A.D. with a normal looking cover. I really like this one. Lighter on the spice side and leaned more contemporary romance, but was pretty well written. Immediately read the next book in her series.

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  • Unscripted



    They really positioned this book as a real life Succession, which I understand, but I think if you go into it expecting that – you’re going to be disappointed. The only significant family fighting is really a woman and her father who is barely functioning. BUT if you like corporate gossip – this was very juicy. Listened on Audible. Worth the credit.

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  • The Maid


    The Maid

    I didn’t love. It wasn’t bad but didn’t live up to the hype for me. I listened and while I didn’t mind the narrator at all – the speaking pattern of the main character became grating after the first half. Felt like the author got to the last few chapters and needed to throw in some random curve balls. Skip.

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  • Dr. Stanton


    Dr. Stanton

    The good kind of trash. This BRAD should be on your radar. Very spicy.

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  • She Regrets Nothing


    She Regrets Nothing

    Stayed up too late reading. It got darker as it went on. Not terribly graphic and nothing with children. (There are vague references to a previous sexual assault early on). It’s good, but unsettling. I can’t say much more without spoiling. Rich people behaving badly. A juicy read that sneaks up on you a little. Lots of points for the character development and way it gets under your skin a little.

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  • The Golden Cage


    The Golden Cage

    This was good. It’s my favorite genre -stylish thriller. Not violent. The wish fulfillment of rich characters. It’s set in Sweden for the most of it, which was new and fun for me. Already bought the second one. Bought the hardback because it was the cheapest, but I gave it to my neighbor when I was finished so it didn’t feel like such a waste.

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  • Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle


    Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

    Wow. Such an abstract concept with such actionable solutions. Scientific proof that telling yourself not to let it get to you or to calm down is making the problem worse. Love this book.

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  • The Family Upstairs


    The Family Upstairs

    Binging the shit out of this one though. Complex and suspenseful without being overly violent. Unique story.

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  • Rock Paper Scissors


    Rock Paper Scissors

    I listened to this rather than read it and didn’t care for it. Overwrought with metaphors and idioms. The writing generally reminded me of when my son wants to play chase, but doesn’t say he wants to play, so just sing songs ‘you can’t catch me’. Every 10th sentence had to be dark and ominous as if you were going to forget THIS IS A THRILLER. DANGER AHEAD. It may have not felt so overplayed had I read it and listened but even for airport thriller standards, wasn’t it for me.

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  • Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life


    Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life

    By far the best non-fiction book I have read this year. Highly engaging.

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  • We Were Never Here


    We Were Never Here

    Disappointing. It felt like it was going to be predictable but still thrilling, but then it felt like in the last 15% the author changed their mind and wanted some crazy twists so threw in a bunch that didn’t make any sense and destroyed all the character development.

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  • The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives


    The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives

    At first I enjoyed this. It’s very Desperate Housewives, but it just got so ridiculous. I felt like I was wasting my time.

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