Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is your Vueve coaster and Chanel tissue box from?
Q: What was your necklace layering purchase and did you like it?

A: It was the Necklet. I liked the magnetic closure which made taking my jewelry off quick and easy and it did keep my necklaces tangle free. I did not like that it only works if all your necklace clasps are on the same side and it rotated on my neck when I used it with all delicate necklaces. Since I mostly wear lightweight necklaces, one of which has a clap on the opposite side of the others, I do not wear it much.

Q: What are your floors?

A: They are 12mm laminate by Shaw in the color Forge. The house had engineered hardwoods when we moved in and these feel the same, they are just more durable. We picked a lower cost option since its 50/50 we will gut and remodel this house at some point. I would get them again.

Q: What are your favorite Brooklinen items?

A: I have fully converted to their linen sheets. If you prefer a crisp sheet, I loved their Classic Percale sheets before trying the linen but I don't think we will go back. I do still prefer the Classic Percale duvet cover since I like the bed to look crisp when it's made. I love the Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter. Brooklinen has excellent customer service and I love their bedding. I can't recommend them enough.

Q: Where are your rugs from?

A: All my rugs are linked in this post.

Q: If you could only have one self tanner for body and one self tanner for face what would they be?

A: Tan Luxe Gradual for body and St. Tropez mist for face.

Q: If you could only listen to one podcast what would it be?
Q: Do you accept any products for review? Or just to try?

A: I don't accept anything for free. I don't accept any ads or sponsorship's. I named this account Things I Bought and Liked and I just want to stick to that. Also I do this as a fun hobby, not as my job. I would totally and completely sell out for a Ford Expedition though. No leases. Free and clear. I will show my face and pose in the drivers seat with fast food cups or hair vitamins or whatever they want if they bring back the Eddie Bauer version.

Q: Why don't you answer all your DMs?

A: I feel a lot of guilt about this. I appreciate the positive response I have received to this account. I started this for my friends and family (it wasn't actually anonymous to start out - I just didn't show myself because the account wasn't about me) and it took on a life of its own. I work full time in a completely unrelated field and then my free time in the evenings and weekends is spent with friends and family. I try my best to answer when I can but 99% of the time I just can't keep up.

Q: What is your favorite investment piece?

A: Low cost index funds! Never have buyers remorse with those.