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A lot of people ask me for my post partum must haves. Here they are. A good OBGYN and a good pill splitter. When I was open on the operating table I only wanted to know two things 1) Is one of the six fancy recovery suites available and 2) is the baby okay. And my doctor, bless her, told me one of the best things your OBGYN can tell you. 1) stop asking me about the damn suite and 2) I’m not here for the baby, I am here for you. There are a lot of ways to ease yourself into motherhood and if you need the tender loving care of a pharmacist, it’s all good. For a while I was biting my pills in half like a drug addict but now I can make sure I get exactly half like a drug dealer. Just a friendly reminder that there are no wrong ways to be a mother aside from the ways they turn into shows on TLC and having a doctor you can talk to is REALLY IMPORTANT. I use the Apex pill splitter from Amazon and they can even cut through the massive Ibuprofen they give you.

LINK: Apex Pill Splitter

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