6 Pack of Earrings

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@nataly.madonna has been posting about these Lolias earrings from Amazon and I have to agree. They’re $13 for the 6 pack and while I certainly didn’t need them I sold them to myself as a baby safety item. Follow me here. At $2.15/per pair this plastic is being held together by a wish and a prayer. That means if the baby pulls on them while I am wearing them they will probably turn to dust in their hands rather than rip my earlobe. Like those safety guard rails on highways – they break so you don’t. Please keep in mind these are two dollar earrings so they’re almost certainly made of asbestos coated lead. But I really do like them and they happen to be VERY light.

LINK: LOLIAS 6 Pairs Acrylic Hoop Earrings

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