Baby Favorites 3-6 Months

General thoughts on this period –  This was a real roller coaster of a time for me. I had 12 weeks off work and we started daycare a few days before I went back to work. It eased me into our new schedule and allowed me to be more relaxed during drop off and pickup as we got a hang of it. I also started work in the middle of the week and would definitely do that next time even if it meant I went back a few days early. My first month back at work was honestly great. It was a busy time professionally and I was just on a high having adult interaction and a break from being with a baby all day. It was 1-2 months after I returned that I started to feel that ‘failing at everything’ feeling that I think a lot of people feel. It felt like my life was never NOT going to be chaos. At the same time our social life started returning to normal as we got more comfortable with outings and I started feeling more like myself. This was as much of a transition as the first 3 months but I could feel like I was moving towards something.

Baby Care Play Mat

Everything is still on the floor. Your baby. Your baby’s spit up. Your passed out partner. This mat has thick padding, waterproof, wipeable and not ugly. At 11 months it’s still a fixture in our living room (under the baby jail now). This is what I buy everyone having a baby.

Moon and Back Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

Moon and Back One-Piece Cotton Footed Pajama

At this point we had started daycare and I felt like I was constantly being hit up for more clothes. My kid had more outfit changes in a day than a J.Lo concert. These amazon onesies are good quality and a ‘send to daycare’ price point. After they finally sent the baby home in a lost and found ‘I’m with Grandpa’ shirt and his belly hanging out I finally bought enough daycare clothes.

Miss Fong Leather Diaper Bag

This was a post on my Instagram and it’s still our one and only diaper bag. Its exactly like the Fawn ones but a fraction of the price. They’re both made in China and ‘vegan’ leather so just go with the Amazon one. Save your dollars for foot massages and babysitters. Little Gym ain’t free.

“This was as much of a transition as the first 3 months but I could feel like I was moving towards something.”

Daycare Dishwasher Safe Labels

You and every other internet mom you know (daycare and otherwise) ALL BOUGHT THE SAME SHIT. These labels are actually dishwasher safe. Buy more than you think you need.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

I love this thing. Still. We didn’t use it much for feeding during this time but it was great for him to sit and play at the counter while I cooked dinner or cleaned. You can literally hose it off outside or in the shower and it’s great for grandparents/eating out because it’s so easy to use.

Grapple Suction High Chair Baby Toy Holder

Outsmart the ‘MOMMY/DADDY PICK IT UP’ game. This thing suctions to the counter and you can attach toys to it. Baby learns early you’re no one’s bitch.

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