What’s In My Bag?

These are the things I have bought, liked, and usually store in my purse. From a paper planner to AirPods, this is what’s in my bag.

Prime Day 2019

I will be keeping this page updated with my Prime Day purchases, as well as items I have already bought and liked. tech [show-items orderby=’rand’ category=’tech’ activeurl=’new’ style=’normal’ interface=’grid3′ tooltip=’false’ description=’true’ limit=’0′ padding=’5′ filter=’false’ ] beauty [show-items orderby=’rand’ category=’beauty’ activeurl=’new’…

Echo Dot (Gen. 3)

Having a clock next to your bed is like setting your ex’s Instagram as your homepage. You do not need that kind of pressure and negativity in your life! Your bedroom should be zen af, not a constant reminder that…


I did not buy this but I love using it. Download the Slice app and link it to you email account. (You have to give it access to your email account for it to work automatically if that’s something your…

Monthly Top 5