Echo Dot (Gen. 3)

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Having a clock next to your bed is like setting your ex’s Instagram as your homepage. You do not need that kind of pressure and negativity in your life! Your bedroom should be zen af, not a constant reminder that you are not where you should be at this point in your life (in a micro or macro sense). Also when you can’t sleep at night, looking at the clock to countdown how much sleep you would get if you could fall back asleep RIGHT NOW isn’t good for you. I use an Amazon dot for my alarm clock. I can ask her what time it is if I need to know, but Alexa is an old fashioned gal who doesn’t speak unless spoken to. I can also ask her to tell me the weather or play Good Day by Nappy Roots on Fridays. The sound quality on the new third generation rivals my UE Boom speaker.

LINK: Echo Dot (Gen. 3)

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