Dry Shampoo Holy Trinity

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Top spots for dry shampoo

Oscar Blandi is the OG. The gold standard. It entered the scene before the rise of dry shampoo and was recently resurrected to reclaim its place as number 1. It has a light lemony clean scent and is best applied at night. This allows the powder to fully absorb and helps eliminate any white cast.

Living Proof is proof why we need women in STEM. Developed at MIT, this shampoo actually does clean your hair. It doesn’t leave a white cast and isn’t overly drying making it the most universal option. You can use it morning or night. It has a strong blast and can be applied liberally all over your head. Also the best option for beginners because the margin of error is so small. Options 1 and 3 can both be over done.

IGK First Class is your closer. The goons you send in when the rent is past due. The fixer. You’re not sure of their methods but maybe it’s better that way. This will dry out anything and everything it its path. Proceed with caution. Be sure you try and limit it to just your roots. Almost no discernible scent and can be used day or night.

Honorable mention: Moroccan Oil, Klorane and Oribe.

Moroccan Oil comes in blonde or brunette options and should be kept on hand when you’re also looking for root coverage. It does a good job cleaning and has a lovely scent. This option leaves your hair softer than any of the options above but not as volumized.

Klorane is a good alternative to the Living Proof option. They are incredibly similar to me I like Living Proof more by a hair but will always stock up on Klorane when it’s on sale.

Oribe wins point for being a trifecta in and of itself. It smells the best out of all the other options, works well and it part texturizing spray. Great for days 0-2. Too expensive to buy not on sale but I stock up during sales and when they have the dry shampoo/texturizing spray combos.

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