Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Things I bought and liked that you can give to your husband or father:

  • The Lost Art of Putting: This is a very short book that I enjoyed. The book provides simple methods to improve such a surprisingly hard task to roll the ball into the hole.
  • PrideSports Practice Golf Balls: I really enjoy getting to hit these foam golf balls around the yard. If and when you miss your target, nothing gets damaged…
  • ProActive Sports Aluminum Shag Tube: Whether I am hitting foam balls or old golf balls, this tube makes it easier and faster to pick up. You simply press down on the ball to collect a stack and then remove the opposite end cap to empty the balls.
  • Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife: This is the sharpest knife I have used and it just makes doing the preparation work for any meal more enjoyable. This is considered a bad ass tool in the kitchen, so don’t let it be used on a plastic cutting board.
  • Messermeister Chef’s Knife Edge Guard, 8 Inch: The bad ass tool needs to be stored properly and this inexpensive sleeve has worked really well in the drawer.
  • Shun Classic Knife Blade Sharpener: To keep the new knife sharp, I purchased this tool to realign the blade edge every once in a while. Not required, but does add to the pride as you run the chef’s knife across the honing steel a couple times.
  • Bonobos Anywhere Shorts: I have come to trust Bonobos for everything except socks. I live and die by their pants, so the shorts were a must as pants are no longer being used in 2020. These go from outside activities to family dinners and anywhere in between.
  • Electric California Knoxville Sunglasses XL: These sunglasses are light, well built, and in style. That is what I was looking for and found them in the XL size for my above average sized face. They make a regular sized pair for the average to below average faces as well.
  • Bombas Men’s Performance Golf Ankle Sock 3-Pack: These socks kept my feet relatively dry and provided good support. I wear a size 14 shoe, but ordered the size L because I hate having extra sock in the shoe that most XL sizes offer. The size L still provided enough length to cover my heel and protect against the blister that is all too common.
  • Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide: I enjoy wine, but know little about it. This gift makes wine buying and drinking more enjoyable because you can look up the regions and history of wines that you bring home.
  • Menu Winebreather Carafe: My opinion is that a carafe makes most red wines better. This tool made that process very simple and I would buy it again if mine were to break.


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