Foundation Favorites

Soma Full Coverage Front Close Bra

This is the bra I am wearing 99% of the time during the day. It has front closure because we have the science to do so. (I would like to see someone explain to an alien why we have clothing that we must secure behind our own backs.) This bra is comfortable and flattering.

Soft Stretch Seamless Thong

Soft Stretch High Waist Seamless

I am fully converted to the Chantelle underwear. They are one size, breathable and invisible. Thong for everyday and full butt for when you need it or at night. The high waisted ones come up over c-section scars and are comfortable to sleep in if you’re having that issue.

Maternity Seamless Cami

These are technically maternity but the only thing that makes them maternity is their length. These are amazing tank tops. I wear one under my work blouses most days.

Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette

During a trip with some girlfriends recently I was introduced to this ‘lounge’ bra. Its so so comfortable with just the right amount of support to keep things from going East/West on me. I change into it when I get home and sleep in them. LOVE.

Champion Women's Freedom Seamless Racerback Sport Bra

Not especially exciting but these are my favorite sports bras. They’re inexpensive, comfortable and have good support. Plus as cute as the strappy Lululemon ones are, I basically hang myself trying to peel them off once I am sweaty.

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