Frame TV Review

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I wanted to share my experience with the Samsung Frame TV that we snagged back in 2020. As someone who appreciates the blend of tech and aesthetics, the Frame TV has been a gem. The picture and sound without external speakers are good enough for an everyday TV.

First off, the general technical design was well thought out and has proven to be pretty darn good. The TV signal and power are delivered to the TV itself via a single cable. The TV comes with a box that supports all of your favorite streaming inputs or audio outputs. The box and TV are connected over the cable so you actually don’t need power on the wall where the TV is to be mounted.

Frame TV above the fireplace connected to Apple TV in cabinets

The flat-against-the-wall installation is a game-changer. No more dealing with a clunky setup that sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s like having a sleek piece of artwork on the wall that transforms into a TV when you’re ready to watch your favorite shows or movies. The design has held up well.

The adjustable mount that comes with the TV is really nice. We have mounted other TVs over the years and after installation wished one side was ever so slightly higher to make it more level. Hopefully know one else notices. With the Frame TV, the mount allows the TV to “spin” so you can continue to level after you have the TV on the wall.

Frame TV in bar area using the built in streaming apps

And about that remote – still going strong with our Apple TV. It’s the small conveniences that add up, right? Having one remote to navigate through all our streaming services has made our experience so much more enjoyable.

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  1. 11.21.23
    Judy said:

    What is the artwork that you have in the living room frame tv photo?
    Also, could you provide a review on turning the frame tv vertically? Can you watch it while it’s vertical?

  2. 11.21.23
    Katie Bloodworth said:

    FYI- they don’t sell the in wall cable anymore! 🙁
    We wrapped ours to make it okay but just a heads up for others looking to buy!

  3. 11.21.23
    Jennifer said:

    I love the looks of the frame, but I super hate the SmartThings app. My tvs constantly show off line in the app, and it’s a whole multi-step process to forget them, re-log in , etc but if I don’t, then the phone remote doesn’t work, and more crucially I cannot upload my own artwork to the frame , which candidly was one of the main reasons I wanted it. It is so frustrating! If they would fix the bugs in their app it would be 5 stars for me; as it is it’s more like 3.25.

    • 11.22.23
      Becca said:

      Oh man the remote and apps in the TV drove me bonkers. Glad I’m not the only one who finds it maddening to navigate. We went back to using the Apple TV 😬 on the frame tv.

  4. 11.22.23
    Becca said:

    What are your thoughts on having to pay $50/year for the artwork? I was so frustrated to realize that this beautiful tv required a subscription to utilize its most impressive feature (the art display or NOT being a black hole on the wall when not in use)! When we first got ours this summer there was a handful of “complementary” fine artists but now they’re gone and the only options are like screen savers, constantly changing, moving, some even make sound which drives me crazy. I mean I will end up paying the subscription but I feel like it was a bit bait and switch (not by you and your recommendation but by the way it is presented/advertised).