Hospital Bag

Things I packed and used in my hospital bag:

#1 with a bullet is the Roku. The 4 days in the hospital I basically did not sleep but being able to mindlessly watch The Office really helped me be less anxious in the middle of the night. It was weirdly reassuring and being able to watch ‘my nighttime shows’ was a huge comfort. If I could only bring one thing, this would be it. I don’t know what that says about me but whatever.

Cute going home baby outfit. After showing this one to my mom as inspiration and her buying several similar ones only to have me say yes but more like THIS one, one of us (her) finally came to our senses and just bought the exact one on Etsy. I plan on framing his hat with FRAMEBRIDGE as a keepsake.

Pink Blush Maternity robe and nursing night gown. After about two days I was ready to be in my own clothes. I also wore these for a long time at home.

Boppy or nursing pillow. I was not long for nursing but having the pillow helped as I gritted my teeth and lied to the lactation consultant that holding my baby like a football DID help. Nursing or not, this was a helpful tool for baby holding and feeding. I kind of can’t believe the hospital doesn’t have these for you to use while you’re there. Pro-baby my ass.

Rubber flip flops. I don’t need athlete’s foot while my insides are literally falling out.

Swing dress. These were are forgiving and counted as leaving in normal clothes.

Neutrogena face wipes. Lol @ skincare in the immediate aftermath. Now was not the time for me to decide to get serious about crows feet. I was able to get Botox again soon enough.

Colace and Magnesium supplements. I’ve never taken a scarier shit in my life than the first one after giving birth. The hospital may offer you a stool softener but I brought my Colace anyway and the magnesium helps things along as well.

Eye mask. Mr. TIBAL and I both needed this. Hospitals just don’t get that dark and a good one (not some dinky one with eyelashes or champagne glasses on it) can go a long way in helping. Also a good signal to others that you’re trying to rest without screaming I AM SO TIRED PLEASE LEAVE.

Not included are personal standard toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, deodorant and shampoo/conditioner.


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  1. 10.2.20
    Sarah said:

    Can you please reshare the black toothbrush heads you got to match the toothbrush?

    • 10.4.20
      Sarah said:

      Link for the black toothbrush heads. Thanks for stopping by!