Foot Reflexology

If you’ve never tried one of those reflexology foot massage places, you should! I don’t think most of them have names. Just a neon foot and reflexology sign. These angels come to earth will rub your feet for an hour for something like $30. Often times they will also do your head, shoulders, arms and back. You remain fully clothed and are usually in an open or semi-private area (think folding bamboo screens). Now it’s basically a full body massage for (usually approx) $30 so you’re going to get some things you might not have asked for. Ear lobe rubbing. Foot slapping. Calf punching. It’s not the Four Seasons but it is a dark room where you can lay down, no one will talk to you, and have some joints that may or may not supposed to be popped, popped. WORTH IT. Move over massage chains, Henry (almost definitely not his real name) and I have a good thing going. I pay in cash and we know absolutely nothing about each other.

LINK: 10 “Best” Reflexology Spots in Houston

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