Mr. TIBAL’s Favorite Things

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These are a couple of his favorite things. Some repeats that continue to be useful and great gifts.

  1. Peter Millar Quarter Zip – “This jacket is very comfortable and is great for the office or golf course”
  2. Big Ass Wine Glasses – “Big ass wine glasses let the young cab breathe”
  3. Stitch Ultimate Garment Bag – “This is the bag I use for every weekend trip. Whether we are headed for a road trip or taking a plane, this is the bag. This bag fits in the overhead compartment. I can stack 3 to 4 polos and shorts, while also carrying 4 hanging items if needed.”
  4. Birddog Shorts – “The shorts are very comfortable and very versatile.”
  5. Wiffle Golf Balls – “Always fun to take full golf swings in the backyard and not hurt anyone”
  6. Basket to hold Wiffle Golf Balls – “Nice touch for the practice set up”
  7. Bowflex Dumbbells – “Very expensive, but you are getting a lot of dumbbells in one set. Seem sturdy and I now trust to lift them over my face without them falling. Not sure if that is a thing.”
  8. Apple Wireless Charger – “This sits by my bed and its nice to lay the phone down and the mag safe ensure I am connected”
  9. Wine Glass Polishing Cloth – “Fine wine should be consumed from very clean glasses”
  10. Electric Sunglasses – “These look cool and fit under most baseball hats”
  11. Sonos Move Speaker – “Big sound for outdoors or inside. This is our first Sonos, but have been very happy with the wifi or bluetooth feature.”
  12. Stitch SL2 Golf Bag – “I am not good at golf, but I do have a nice bag”
  13. Outdoor Lamps – “The lights are very useful when outside and we have company. No one likes sitting in the dark or light that is too bright. Dimmer feature allows for the right light.”
  14. allbirds slippers – “Very warm slippers that have lots of support”

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