Mr. TIBAL’s Staples

This is the short list of clothing that Mr. TIBAL considers his staples. Everything, except for the dress shirt, is machine wash and tumble dry.

BONOBOS Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants

I was introduced to BONOBOS and the slim fit Weekday Warrior pants at Nordstrom a while ago. The quality has not changed and the ordering/return process is excellent. These pants do not get dry cleaned and simply get washed with other colored clothes in the washing machine. We hang dry afterward and then toss in the dryer for a wrinkle release. I can wear them with boots, oxfords,  loafers, or leather tennis shoes. These pants are are my favorite item and I hope they are available for a really long time. The little bit of stretch is much appreciated because there are days at work when I leave the desk to actively participate in a manufacturing process.

Tommy John Second Skin

The Tommy John under shirt has changed my life. It is hot for much of the year in Houston and this shirt helps beat the heat. The second skin “snug” fit makes every dress shirt comfortable all year long. These shirts are expensive, so we catch a year’s worth during the annual sales.

Peter Millar Performance Shirt

I always trust that a Peter Millar shirt will fit and be in a pattern that is versatile. These shirts can be worn to work or rolled up for a night out.

Vineyard Vine Breaker Shorts

I am all for my stuff to be useful in as many situations as possible. These shorts are useful for the golf course, day drinking, game days, or traveling. They fit well and again have a little stretch that is much appreciated.

Peter Millar Quarter Zip

This quarter zip is more expensive than other quarter zips, but it does more. I like the material that these are made of because they keep you warm enough but don’t get too hot during the afternoons. The material can handle a round on the golf course or a day at the office.

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