My Favorite Things 2021

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  1. Contour Body Oil – I love this body oil in the shower. I apply at the end of my shower and rinse off. Helps reduce water weight and keeps my skin soft without the need for lotion. I apply with a body massager.
  2. Toiletry Case – This travel case holds a surprising amount and the clear side make it so easy to use without digging around. I can do a weekend trip with everything in here. I gave as a birthday gift this year.
  3. Cuticle Miracle – This Dior cuticle cream absolutely transformed my nails. Its basically pink tar so I only apply in the evenings but I wake up with freshly manicured nail beds.
  4. Luxury Candle – I hear ‘Rich Girl’ by Hall & Oats every time I light this up.
  5. Hat Holder – This has been one of my greatest discoveries of this year. It’s a magnetic clip to hold your hat from getting crush in your bag. I have not had any issues with hats falling out or coming loose. A great option for a universal gift.
  6. Coffee Table Book – My favorite coffee table book. Gorgeous images and just the right amount of cheeky. Moderately basic.
  7. Outdoor Blanket – This one took me be surprise. It’s an outdoor blanket that STAYS PUT even with kids crawling and running all over it. You can put it on wet grass and it wont soak through. Easily Machine washable. Surprisingly light. ACTUALLY CAN BE FOLDED BACK INTO CARRYING CASE. This is a pricey item at $200 but we plan on gifting it to couples/families.
  8. Favorite Sunglasses – Overtook the Le Specs Air Heart for my All Time Favorite Sunglasses this year.
  9. Wall Calendar – Inspired by another favorite coffee table book – makes the emotional labor a little lighter.
  10. Lip Replenisher – If I could only have one hydrating lip product. Incredibly thick and sticky but repairs my flaking lips overnight.
  11. Cryo Mask – Ice rolling in the morning always helps me up and depuff. (Also great for any acne inflammation.) This reusable mask allows me to do it while I make my coffee. I only need to leave it on for about 10 minutes. I have tried less expensive Amazon version but they didn’t fit my face as well. The straps (especially the chin strap) make this one worth the money for me.
  12. Head and Eye Massager – I bought this in the spring and I thought it might be gimmicky but I love it. The heat and air pressure massage hits me in all the right places. I never use the music feature but just sitting through one 15 minute session of this while listening to an audiobook or podcast is what meditation never quite did for me.
  13. Luxury Shower Gel – A ridiculous splurge but I love going to bed smelling like this. Turns old cheerleading shorts into lingerie.
  14. Tampon Privacy Pouch – The perfect size for a completely sane and reasonable amount of purse tampons. Great for clear bags too. I always have on me.

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