Rug Roundup

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Rug Corners – Used on almost every rug except laundry room, bathroom and bedrooms.

Living room rug. Colors appear different from different angles. This is our exact rug. Available at RugsUSA and Amazon and prices fluctuate so I suggest checking both for best price. We use a rug pad under this.

Living room rug pad – bought the felt only version.

Laundry room rug – no rug pad used.

Bathroom rug – no rug pad used.

Kitchen rug – no rug pad used.

Hallway Runner – no rug pad used

Bedroom Rug *This rug sheds like CRAZY.* Not sure if I would repurchase. It does get better after about a year and if you have your heart set on the look, it’s your best bet. Just be prepared for golden retriever level shedding.

Nursery rug – no rug pad used.

Closet rug – no rug pad used.

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