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I personally rate my favorites on a replacement basis. Meaning if I lost it tomorrow, how quickly would I replace it? These five items all rate THE NEXT DAY. Some noticeable products absent are my Tan Luxe Gradual tanner and Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume. While these are undoubtedly favorites, I have other items that would work almost as well. All the items here are so far above their alternatives I don’t think there is a suitable replacement.

1. The Dyson Hair Dryer. I don’t think everyone needs this. I think it would only be worth it if you got hot or tired blow drying your hair currently. I have thick, longish, coarse hair and the extended heat exposure from¬† most dryers makes my head sweaty while I am drying my hair. The Dyson dries your hair more with air velocity than temperature. This also means more fine hair may experience more tangling with this dryer. I always use some sort of protectant on my hair to cut back on this. But for me it dries my hair faster and with significantly less heat damage in the long run making for an all around better hair drying experience. Its expensive but taken over cost per use I find it worth it.

2. Donna Karan Deodorant. I see people rave about the smell of this and that baffles me. I think it smells somewhere between unoffensive and slightly old ladyish. Either way the scent doesn’t last at all. I will only ever use this anti-antiperspirant deodorant because it just WORKS better than any other I have tried. If you live in a humid climate I HIGHLY recommend.

3. Sephora brand waterproof eyeliner. When it comes to lining your waterline I find nothing is as easy as this eyeliner. It’s Sephora’s house brand and I never see it mentioned anywhere but I will never be without the brown color. I find there are several good pen style eyeliners for the tops of your lash-line but this is the only one I will use on my waterline.

4. Tatcha Lip Mask. Everyone has a lip mask favorite and this is mine by a long shot. I haven’t tried anything that repairs my lips overnight quite like this has. Its a jelly consistency that is different than other masks and maybe that’s part of the magic. Either way this it IT for me.

5. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. This is the newest favorite of mine but a long standing cult classic. I don’t know where I’ve been. This is my favorite mask. Full stop. It reduces inflammation and makes my skin feel like a little newer every time I use it. It’s been great on my sensitive skin even when I use it multiple times a week.

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