Stroller Fan

This is a stroller fan. KEEP READING 20 YEAR OLDS! THIS ISN’T ABOUT MY BABY. I bought this stroller fan years before I got pregnant. I bought it to clip on to my bike at spin class. Somewhere. Somehow. All the spin studio owners in the world were told that they shouldn’t turn the perfectly good fans that they BOUGHT AND THEN PAID TO HAVE HUNG IN THE STUDIO on during class. I asked about this once and was told they don’t turn the fans on because they don’t want to cool the room down. The laws of thermodynamics and I are calling bullshit on that. Fans cannot cool a room. They can only cool a sweaty person. And they can only cool them to the extent that they are sweating. That’s because evaporation is a CRITICAL COMPONENT of the cooling process Becky. Even the nut jobs at CrossFit flipping tires for no reason allow fans. And they’re paying to workout with old farm equipment in an abandoned warehouse for $200 a month. We can do better than that. Anyway. People will laugh at you when you set up. And you will become that girl with her own fan but so help me you can flip this sucker in the middle of class to a newcomer for $50.

LINK: O2COOL 5 in. Clip Fan

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