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** DISCLAIMER** I am not a doctor. Even if I was, if I had to resort to slinging vitamin gummies on Instagram you shouldn’t take medical advice from me.

These are the “supplements” I take every day. I realize they’re mostly in gummy form. It just makes me more likely to remember to take them. Like diet gushers.

MAGNESIUM. You’re going to see a lot of girls swear by these. They will tell you they help them sleep (even though they’re not intended for that and actually tell you to take them throughout the day) or help them relieve stress. I’m not going to say that’s a lie, but I am going to say the placebo affect is alive and well. I take them because they keep me regular. They’re not a laxative so there’s no cramping or discomfort but they act of more of a motivational speaker. If you’re traveling and get toilet stranger danger, these may help keep you on track. I like the gummies because they taste good but these pills just work as well for me.

MELATONIN. After an unfortunate run in with prescription sleeping pills that resulted in an incoherent ‘To-Do’ list and an actual nervous breakdown that ‘I JUST WANT TO BE FABULOUS’, I stick to Melatonin to help me sleep. Mr. TIBAL and I both take these every night. I need them about an hour before bed.

ELDERBERRY. This is the most ‘woo’ of them for me but I bought these when my kid started daycare and even though he has been leaking/sneezing/coughing in my mouth since that day, I only seem to catch it when I stop taking these. Also delicious.

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  1. 7.26.19
    Denise said:

    Bought the Melatonin gummies after seeing them on your page. Absolutely love them! Has made such a positive difference in my bedtimes

  2. 1.25.21
    Amy Lou Carothers said:

    Did I dream that you mentioned Magnesium for relaxing your jaw at night when you sleep?