Thank You for Giving Tuesday 2022

Total reported for 2022 Giving Tuesday – $1.2 Million

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. To be honest going into this year I was pretty nervous. Last year was completely organic and I wasn’t sure if I could recreate the magic and raise as much money. 

 Giving Tuesday is about so much more than the markers and goldfish and underwear and tissues we give these teachers. Giving Tuesday tells these communities they are not forgotten. They are not unseen. They matter. It tells the teachers that while the days are long and their jobs are hard, we know we couldn’t work as a society without them. It tells the students that while their circumstances seem deeply unfair at the moment, the world can be a better place. 

I know you know what it means. Because YOU made it happen. 

Thank you to my friends and fellow influencers. Sarah (, Courtney (@courtneygrow), Mally (@mallykgoldman), and Vanessa (@goalstogetglowing) raised over $40,000 from their followers and personal matching. 

I’ve already spent too long trying to put into words how much your support and the support of my friends has meant to me. I don’t think I can. All I can say is thank you.

Thank you.


Individual reported donations$429,252.59
Tito’s Vodka$30,000
Sams Club$30,000
My Sister Made Me Buy It, Mally Goldman and Goals to Get Glowing$28,200
Trend Management$20,000
Stoney Clover $13,000
Pizza Hut$12,000
MZ Wallace$10,200
Vinson & Elkins$10,000
Athletic Greens$10,000
Benefit Cosmetics$10,000
Deep Eddy Vodka$10,000
Kendra Scott$10,000
@bought.obsessed $10,000
Dicks Sporting Goods$9,375
Little Sleepies$7,500
Reduce Everyday$7,500
Lake Pajamas$6,000
Simmons Bank$5,000
Earlybird CBD$5,000
Dr. Pepper$5,000
Poppy Kids Co.$5,000
Bread Financial$5,000
Biscuit Home$5,000
Death Wish Coffee$4,530
Liz Lidgett Gallery + Design$3,200
Cle de Peau Beaute$3,000
Connor & Connor PLLC$2,889
Sweet Savings and Things$2,867
RW Fine Jewelry$2,000
Sandlot Engineering$1,935
Walton’s Jewelry$1,879
Franklin Equipment Services Corp.$1,717
Loverly Grey$1,511
Sarah Carey Design$1,500
Timberlake Church, Castle Rock, WA$1,450
Staci @gotravelwithstaci$1,340
The Parking Spot$1,300
Kind Collective$1,300
Sprout Pediatrics$1,250
Julia Amory$1,245
Bush Pediatric Dentistry Montgomery, AL$1,200
The Wine Box$1,181
Tranquil Vacation Homes$1,150
Blinkifly Lashes$1,142
The Sleep Crown$1,119
Paris TX Clothing$1,100
Redwood + Co.$1,060
Follow the Find$1,037
Hotel Lobby Candle$1,015
Emily and Ashley @ashleyandemilyblog$1,012
Megan Ardoin (honeywerehome)$1,009
Yes Way Rose$1,000
Go Clean Go$1,000 Audiobooks$1,000
Teachers of Tomorrow$1,000
Maya Chia$935
Bright Littles$877
KB Design HTX$802
Kaleidoscope Productions$778
SPI Industries$737
BioBalance Skin$728
Weed Man Lawn Care$690
Winnie + Crew$639
Crawler Pipeline$600
Be There in Five Podcast$600
Sloane ATX$561
Triton Tech Consulting$500
People Problems Podcast$500
Tribute Custom Woodwerks$495
Action Karate – Philadelphia$490
Art by Stephanie Roberts$467
Victoria Meadows Interiors$455
Seaside Fitness Functional Training Studio$340
Sea Marie Designs$332
Ginger Time$324
Muze Growth Strategies$307
LE Fine Jewelry$300
Arbor Construction$300
The Curated Cellar$250
The Aisle Assistant$221
ZZ Designs$211
Rocket City Barns$201
Sequins and Lipstick Paper Co.$200
Shopping Down South$200
Aurum Rose Aesthetics and Wellness$192
West Houston Indoor Soccer$175
Double Rainbow Project$125
Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions$120
Seale Surgical Clinic$120
Plume Photography$108
Joda Nutrition$105
Pop Culture Candle Co.$103
Open Fire$100
e.z. baby$63
Shiela Arrington Photography$61
My Kind of Cookies$52
Three Pine Lane$34
CompanyNumber of Lists
Uncommon James12
Shop LTK11
Josh Cellars8
Mizzen & Main7
Hill House7
Bambino Sitters5
The Parking Spot5
Ranch Rider5
Meghan @the_other_mk5
Fluff and Tuff Dog Toys4
Bear Bottom Clothing3
Stitch Golf3
Independence Contract Drilling3
The Headless Hostess2
Bee Creek 1


Monthly Top 5


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  1. 1.16.23
    L. Ely said:

    Thank you all of your support and for clearing my list! Benefit cosmetics, and all of the individual kind humans who purchased from my list have already impacted my students so immensely, and I am so grateful!!!

  2. 1.16.23
    Natalie Vadas said:

    As a teacher that had a list cleared— THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. The snacks, socks, clothing, and more have been a god send for so many. What an amazing and selfless venture— which I cannot thank you enough for <3

  3. 1.16.23
    Jenni said:

    I am so grateful to have had my list cleared this year. The generosity was humbling and the reminder that my students and I are seen was a gift. Thank you so much!

  4. 1.16.23
    Lauren said:

    Dear TIBAL Community,

    My letter is overdue, but I would be remiss not to write it anyway. Please forgive my delay.

    I’m writing with incredible gratitude to thank the TIBAL community for the outpouring of love and generosity during the campaign to clear the lists of hundreds or maybe thousands of teachers.

    Watching TIBAL roast big businesses was dearly entertaining, and I naively assumed that it was those big businesses who were doing the work clearing Amazon wishlists. But I was wrong.

    I shared my wishlist for the first time ever in my 17-year teaching career. This year, I made a big move. After teaching a career-themed course at the high school level for a decade, I moved to an elementary school to be a reading interventionist to help students struggling to catch up after losing so much during the pandemic. At my old school, I had grants that poured so much money into my classroom and program that it was honestly burdensome to figure out how to spend all of the money. Everything I needed and wanted was covered and I got to decide how to spend the money.

    What a rude awakening this year has been to get in the trenches with a Title 1 elementary school where there is almost no funding for what is needed. I was given a $120 stipend to buy supplies for the year. For the YEAR! $120.

    I posted my Amazon wishlist and was delighted to see packages arriving daily. I was so excited to see the materials I wanted and needed come rolling in. I immediately opened boxes and began using the materials as soon as they arrived. Wow! What a difference some hands-on manipulatives make! Learning becomes so much more engaging and fun.

    As the packages arrived, I read each gift message and tucked them away for safekeeping. You want to know who cleared my list? A big company making millions of dollars and getting some playful ribbing on Instagram? Nope. Not one thing was from a corporation. Every box I received was from a different woman who just wanted to help my kids. Women who lived near me. Women who grew up like my students are growing up. I think I had 5 different sponsors clear my list and they each shared a personal sentiment about how they connected with my city or my story. I couldn’t believe it.

    To the women who donated to my classroom: THANK YOU! To TIBAL, who shamelessly blasts mega corporations for the sake of kids: THANK YOU! You are doing the Lord’s work, truly.

    Your kindness ripples through this nation. Our kids are better for it. Teachers are encouraged by it. Thank you!

  5. 1.16.23
    Daniele said:

    I wanted to thank you for sharing my teacher wishlist for Giving Tuesday. It is amazing what a difference each individual person can make. While my list wasn’t cleared by any major donor, we did receive some of our “wished for” items. It is the individuals who were the difference makers…you and your thoughtful and generous followers! ❤️ One of my favorite enclosures included a note saying “It is TIBAL Season”, and for our little corner of the world this has proven to be a force to be reckoned with….the force which has made a difference!

    Our Special Education Classroom is feeling the sunshine which was sent our way with generous gift of items from our wishlist, things like: paper towels, glue sticks, tissues, underwear, and warm coats. We hope both you and your followers are blessed in the way that you have blessed us. Hope grows!

    With Much Gratitude and L❤️VE from Special Education in Saint Louis, Missouri!

  6. 1.16.23
    Mary Frances said:

    Thank you to everyone person and every company that cleared lists this year. My library added 45 new books to it because of you all. TIBAL – you are amazing!

  7. 1.16.23
    Mallory Boggs said:

    Absolutely incredible! You are a force to be reckoned with!
    As a mom at a Title I school, Thank YOU! All your hard work is seen and appreciated.

  8. 1.16.23
    Alissa Nelson said:

    Dear TIBAL + Friends,

    I am in awe of your generosity and kindness. You make this world a better place by caring about students you’ve never met. I was brought to tears multiple times this past week thinking about how thankful I am for the donations. What Sarah posted is true–people think Title 1 teachers are given lots of resources and the truth is, we are struggling. While there are supplies, it’s never enough. We spend lots of our own money because we fill the void that’s left when these helpful resources run out or the families we serve cannot tap into those resources.

    My kindergarten students were so excited as I kept them informed about what items had been cleared from our list. It felt like we were playing the best game ever as I refreshed my screen every hour and announced the updates. I know they felt your kindness because they kept saying, “These donors are so awesome and nice!” While I know they will LOVE the balls, frisbees, books, and jackets, I believe the lesson of being cared for and giving to others will stay with them longer than any purchased items.

    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    Alissa Nelson

  9. 1.16.23
    Suzanne Olivero said:

    My school benefited from this initiative immensely. I have been trying to properly formulate a response as I feel that “thank you” simply isn’t enough. You have impacted our school in a way that I can’t explain. Our kids will finish the school year with everything they could need and more. I’m amazed at the overwhelming generosity of strangers. We will forever be indebted to you all. From the bottom of our hearts, the Linden School #4 family thanks you!!! You are amazing!

  10. 1.16.23
    DA said:

    Bra-Vo 👏👏👏

  11. 1.16.23
    Betsey Kates said:

    I’m still not over Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Companies not stepping up to the plate! But loved seeing the rest of the list!

  12. 1.16.23
    Sara Mccaslin said:

    Diet Coke. $0.

    But this is incredible. Thank you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  13. 5.2.23
    Melissa Campbell said:

    I am a teacher in Dallas at a low income school. I teach Special Education students in 3rd and 4th grade. They are the best students and work so hard every day despite the challenges they face throughout the school day. It would mean the world to both my students and myself if we had help with some of the items on my classroom wishlist.