Thank You for Giving Tuesday 2023

Total reported for Giving Tuesday – $1,357,220 Thank you so much for making this another incredible year. I have seen the best in humanity via social media over the past few years. Thousands of you take time out of your…

Thank You for Giving Tuesday 2022

Total reported for 2022 Giving Tuesday – $1.2 Million Thank you so much to everyone who participated. To be honest going into this year I was pretty nervous. Last year was completely organic and I wasn’t sure if I could…

2021 Giving Tuesday Donors

Using the most conservative estimates of only people who reported back after clearing lists and estimating a list average of $500 there were $766,503 that went directly to students in need during this campaign.

Holiday Teacher Wishlists

This season I am sharing the wishlists from Title 1 teachers and educators in the TIBAL community. These teachers see all kinds of children, many of whom don’t have someone at home who are able to find and make use…

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