Thank You for Giving Tuesday 2023

Total reported for Giving Tuesday – $1,357,220

Thank you so much for making this another incredible year. I have seen the best in humanity via social media over the past few years. Thousands of you take time out of your day to be sure that a child you will never meet wakes up tomorrow better off than they were today. Your reach and generosity is immediate and unrelenting.

I am so proud of you. Thank you.

– Sarah

Individual Contributions$575,601
MZ Wallace$10,000 + 200 backpacks
HEB300 $100 Gift Cards
A Philly Christmas Special$25,000
Altar’d State$20,000 + clothes for 14 teachers
Dieux$6,000 + 500 mask
Trend Management$16,000
Gatsby Chocolates$10,000 + 50 $100 Amazon GC
Liquid IV$12,000
The Bargain Sisters$11,900
Sweet Savings and Things$11,000
Little Design Co$10,799
Uncommon James$10,020
Early Bird CBD$10,000
Dick’s Sporting Goods$10,000 in gift cards for PE/SPED teachers
U by Kotex$10,000 and 200+ boxes of period products
Happy Happy Houseplant$10,000
Stanley Brand$10,000
Planet Howl$10,000
Home Depot100 $100 gift cards
Bailey Quinn$10,000
McDonalds NC & SWVA$10,000
Lil Dicky$10,000
Lindsey Leigh Jewelry12 lists
Bronwyn Newport$7,500
Little Sleepies$7,500
Clarins10 lists
Pfister Faucets10 list $4,700 + $2,500
Fresh Step$7,107
Lemon Perfect$7,000 + Cases to 10 teachers
Sleep Crown$6,320
VIO2 Mouth Tape$6,176
Baby Bel Cheese$6,000
Josh Cellars8 lists
Mobile Care Health$5,569
Grace Atwood (The Stripe)$5,000
Cle de Peau Beaute$5,000
MAYSON the label$5,000
Biscuit Home$5,000
Penny Linn Design$5,000
Shop the Avenue$5,000
Karrie Locher$5,000
David Gardners Jewelers$5,000
Dave Burd$5,000
Collective Voice$5,000
@laurenisafox and followers$4,653
Shop Iris$4,500
Forme Science$3,000 + 50 socks
My Sister Made Me Buy It$4,043
Inslee Fariss$500 + 50 calendars
Fluff & Tuff Dog ToysAll Special Needs List in Michigan
Lake Pajamas5 lists
Baloo Living$3,000 + 5 weighted blankets
Hotel Lobby Candle$3,000 + 5 cases of candles to teachers
Liz Lidgett Gallery + Design$3,000
Lowe’s30 $100 gift cards
Courtney Grow$3,000
Bath Fitter$3,000
Truth BBQ$2,680
Caroline Boykin Design5 lists
Tasty Bite$2,000 + 25 meals
DePonto Designs LLC$2,356
Frame Bridge$2,300
Under Pressure Jewelry3 lists
Weezie Towels3 lists
Artifact Uprising$2,000 + 20 journals
Robbins Chevrolet & Nissan$2,237
Siniard Law, LLC$2,110
City Centre Houston$2,075
OnPoint Custom Homes$2,035
Kettle & Fire$2,000 + soup for 50 teachers
Maya Chia$2,000
DIBS Beauty$2,000
Skin By Blair$2,000
M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers$2,000
ivory & birch$1,831
Fancy Yancy Cookie$1,800
Paris Texas Apparel Co$1,770
GoCleanCo1 list 
City Brix Realty$1,576
Nan Philip$1,532
Mother Science$1,505
Thrasio10 air mattresses
Bush Pediatric Dentistry – Montgomery, Alabama$1,500
Alexndra Kaehler Design$1,500
One Trick Peony Woodlands$1,200
Volvo & Mack Trucks of Waco$1,121
Follow the Find$1,100
Cash Flow for Creatives$1045 + 10 planners
Things Bloggers Lied About$1,032
Riddick Insurance Group$1,000
Brittany K Sansone$1,000
Pinkie Pads1 list + pads for 20 classrooms
The Humble Seed$915 + 20 classroom snack packages
Kaleidoscope Productions$857
Mont Art House1 list
Stupp Fiber$830
Massey Law Group$800
Biobalance Health & BioBalance Skin$760
ATX Family Dental1 list
Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy$670
Lindsey Regan Thorne$625
Tubby Todd3 lists
Coelus LLC$520
Adaleta Avdic$506 + 5 beauty boxes
Southern Roots Realty$503
Work Health Solutions$502
The Bomb Co.$500
Tosi SnacksSnacks for 100
Castaway Customs Texas$495
Texas Farm Credit$494
Molly Marietta – The Button Lady$456
Larken $372
Language Lab$326
Free Hookers Fishing$280
Sesh Coworking$260
Olive and Tate$247
Gold+Grace Jewelry$232
The Berkshire Press$221
Here Molly Girl$205
Dia & Co.$161
Vertical Raise DFW$156
Sendy’s Snack Co.$130
Bubbly and Boxwoods$95
Three Pine Lane$50

Monthly Top 5


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  1. 1.10.24
    Sarah said:

    Thank you for doing this. I am a school counselor whose list was purchased from – I think over $1500 at the time, and then somebody bought another THOUSAND dollars from my list last week. I was (and am!) in shock. In a time when public education is being attacked in so many ways, especially in the south where I live, it means so much to have people support my students and the work I do every day. Thank you for putting this together every year. It makes a huge difference, both in having materials I could never provide on my own, but also the huge morale boost.

  2. 1.10.24
    RobinLRG said:

    AMAZING ! You’re incredible.

    • 1.12.24
      Kathy Dreger said:

      I am having trouble figuring out how to get a list to you. I created my Amazon wishlist but I am not seeing how to create a post. I am a school nurse – first year at this high school. Purchases were made for me prior to my arrival and I am asking for help with snacks/feminine products like pads and tampons. Would you be able to provide me with directions on how to sign up and post my list? Thank you!

  3. 1.10.24
    Lisa Hall said:

    This is amazing! I am a first grade teacher in Philadelphia and basic supplles like tissues and snacks were sent to me by such generous people. I was also able to give my students things like fuzzy socks and gloves thanks to the kindness of strangers. One student was so excited about the gloves that he just kept saying how he couldn’t wait to show them to his dad. Their happiness at receiving the gifts amazing. Thank you for organizing this and all of the companies and individuals who donate!

    PS – it’s great to see the list of companies that donate (especially if they are ones I shop at)! I love that Philly Christmas Special gave too!

  4. 1.10.24
    Mrs. T. said:

    3rd grade teacher here from California! Because of TIBAL, amazing supporters and great companies, my students were sent home with holiday goodie bags over the Winter break! They were so excited and I am so incredibly thankful to those that purchased items off of our wishlist. I was also able to restock much needed classroom items like labels, laminating pouches and sanitizing wipes thanks to our donors. Thank you once again to everyone that supported teachers and students on Giving Tuesday! 🍎🙏

    • 1.13.24
      Susan Crary said:

      I just tried to fulfill a whole list but several items were not able to be shipped to a Wish List. I sent the items I could but felt badly about not being able to fulfill list. Anyone know why that is?

  5. 1.10.24
    Ashley S said:

    Looking at this list, I know there are several brands that I have ONLY shopped because of their participation and giving Tuesday through you and through your platform. (VO2 tape – you became a stocking stuffer this year with your participation!!) I hope brands, businesses and marketing departments continue to see this as one of the most cost effective/truly best humanitarian investments they can make. Thank you so much for facilitating this and using your platform to connect caring people to the teachers with the most critical needs. Our collective future depends on it.