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Name City State Grade Level Years Teaching Additional Comments
Rachel G Dallas TX 4th to 7th Grade 0-5 years

Hi! As a 4th-grade teacher at a title 1 school, I'm always on the lookout for ways to make learning more fun and engaging for my awesome students. I've put together an Amazon wishlist with some items that would really add to our classroom experience. If you're up for it, a little help would go a long way! Thanks so much for considering!

Samantha Bee Cleveland OH Administration/Special Services 6-10 years

I am a speech language pathologist for special education preschool children at an inner city school!

Kate Augusto Teaneck NJ Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I teach kindergarten basic skills for students who are struggling to read. All students in the district are title 1 and many qualify for free or reduced lunch. I often provide snacks and books For them. Additionally I hold school wide activities to provide literacy needs to all families. I also coach high school softball in the same district.

Samantha Doolittle Lawrence MA 8th to 12th Grade 6-10 years

I teach English at a Title I high school located in a city with an incredible community of humans. It is also, unfortunately, one of the poorest districts in the state and deeply underfunded. I cannot afford these items for my classes. I would SO DEEPLY appreciate your help investing in items that can stay in my classroom and, with proper love and care, can be used for decades to come! Thank you!!!

Julia shay Wilmington DE Administration/Special Services 6-10 years

I am a Title 1 school mental health therapist in a k-5 emotional support program. These items will help all of my students with their unique mental health and learning needs, and help me encourage their continued social and emotional learning.

Danielle Organ McLeansboro IL Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

We're located in a very rural area. Teachers work for just over minimum wage and still manage to use their own funds to make the classroom fun and enjoyable for their students. Any donation would be so helpful! Thank you!

Sarah Hendley Springdale AR Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

This is my second year teaching 2nd grade at Sonora Elementary in Springdale, AR. I would love to give my students practical things they need and fun things any 7/8 year old would love for Christmas. I’m also working on adding to my classroom library and wanting to get new items for this year or things we are already running out of! Thanks so much for considering!

Zoey Luopa Westminster VT Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

I teach in a small school with 14 students. As a 2nd year teacher I am still building a classroom library and community filled with games and stem activities.

Amanda Jackson West Palm Beach FL 8th to 12th Grade 6-10 years

My name is Amanda Jackson and this is my 7th year teaching math. I teach high school Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 to roughly 130 kids at a Title I school in South Florida. Math anxiety is a real pandemic so I'm working on creating a safe space in our classroom so my students may achieve their highest potential. Thank you in advance for your time and your generosity!

Crystal Sullivan West palm beach FL 8th to 12th Grade 6-10 years

Majority of the things on my list go into my “take whatever you need closet” for the students. I teach 9th & 10th AP Human Geography & World History in low income school in the heart of South Florida. My students are high achieving students who don’t believe they are limited to their current circumstances. My desire is to empower & equip them to be their best selves. They walk out of that classroom knowing Ms. Sully loves them & is proud of them. Thank you for all the help❤️

Megan Ekedahl Houston TX Administration/Special Services 0-5 years

We are currently gearing up for the holidays! I have added gift cards for items that we need for the holidays. I am a behavior specialist so I run on incentives for the kids. All snacks and Starbucks are our fave! Thank you so much for everything.

Brandon Callahan Olathe KS 4th to 7th Grade 10+ years

I am asking for donations for our weights and conditioning classes as well as physical education.

Jessica shane Tampa FL Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I’m a literacy coach for an elementary school. I work with kids and teachers in grades k-5 from a low income school. Anything and everything helps!

Heather Lowe Mobile AL Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I teach kindergarten in a title one school. My kids come from poverty and I try to make their kindergarten experience the best I can!!! New supplies and centers that I don’t have to take out of my pocket as well as cleaning supplies are so helpful!!! Thank you!!

Rachel Warwick Minton Houston TX Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

My classroom is full of the cutest kindergartners who deserve the world! I’m hoping that through the generosity of others my students will be able to receive the supplies and books they need to thrive!!

Zach Wilson Cincinnati OH Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

Multiple disabilities special education grades K-3rd

Kelsey Kelly Hebron KY 4th to 7th Grade 10+ years

My classroom is completely literacy based. I am trying to reteach my students a love for reading. We do a yearly reading challenge and the hardest part is finding books that students love and are available to them! I’m trying to build my classroom library with new books that are current and on my students want to read list!

Karen Wilson Memphis TN Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I teach at a title one urban charter school in North Memphis in Tennessee. My students not only deserve and need the best teaching supplies but also daily necessities that everyone desires like food and toiletries. Please help me give them everything they need this holiday season.

Kellie Hallock Westminster VT Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I have 16 first graders. Looking to promote the Science of Reading as well as Outdoor Education and Loose Parts Play!

Yesenia Guzman Modesto CA 8th to 12th Grade 0-5 years

I teach 12th grade English and AVID ( Advancement via Individual Determination) this elective is for students that will be the first in their family to attend college or are low income. I teach at a title 1 school where the majority of our students are low income and English language learners. I also have my room open at lunch for students as a safe space, that is why I picked some games. Thanks for your support.

Stephanie Komertz Euclid OH Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

Hi! I teach in a self contained multiple disability classroom. My students are in kindergarten through 3rd grade, and have various high support needs. I teach in an urban district right outside of Cleveland Ohio. All of my students receive free breakfast and lunch, however due to different needs (texture issues and such) some of my students won’t eat what is provided so I purchase Mac and cheese for them (it’s a safe food) I also purchase snacks so that every child has a snack before going home.

Samantha Wilson Detroit MI Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

This is my first year teaching and I’m excited to get started! Last year I subbed for half of the year and this year im an official teacher. I know the things I really need and want to make my students feel welcome, safe, excited and interested. Many of my students come from low income homes and my classroom is the place of growth where their needs are met and they are really seen. This amazon list is filled with different things to help engage my students in many different ways!

Paige Hase Milwaukee WI Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I am a K3 Head Start teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools. My students all come from low-income families and often have very little. In K3 we work on building background knowledge, social skills and classroom routines while also exposing our littlest learners to early learning math, reading and STEAM concepts. My district does not provide teachers with classroom budgets and teachers are often left to purchase necessary items.

Esmeralda Bennett Chicago IL Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

Hello! My name is Esmeralda. I am in my 4th year of teaching in Chicago Public Schools. I currently teach 3rd grade and have previously taught 6th. I would appreciate any item you can provide for my students! It will be very well used and well loved in our classroom. I have 27 wonderful students who loved to learn and could use this items. Thank you for your consideration.

Ashley Blackwell McLeansboro IL Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

Our little school serves about 40 kids from grade pre-k through sixth grade. Any donation would help us so much! We will spread these gifts out to the whole school and be so appreciative! Our teachers go above and beyond and are compensated so little in compared to the work they do! Thanks so much.

Haley Settles Indianapolis IN Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

My class comes from very diverse backgrounds. From native English speakers to very limited proficient. This year, I have many students who are new to the country. Our free and reduced numbers are very high, so my students come to class with many needs not met. Anything is appreciated and thank you in advance!

Courtney Afarian Rochester NY Administration/Special Services 10+ years

Thank you for spreading love to some amazing students! All items will be used at a Title I Elementary School located in Rochester, NY. We have amazing educators, but our money only buys so much. We have added items to our list that will help our students calm down and return to baseline so they can learn and grow. We appreciate everything purchased more than you!

Jessica Novak Noxon MT Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

Art program serving all grades and multiple communities at our K-12 school in rural Northwest Montana. Thank you for helping us bring a creative outlet to our student who otherwise wouldn't experience this due to both finances and great travel requirements for activities outside of school! ❤️

Tricia Horn Cincinnai OH Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I am a special education teacher who serves students in a low income, title 1 school. I am requesting reading and math materials to help enhance my students’ multisensorial learning.

Alexa Perez Denver CO Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

Inclusive Pre-K classroom serving children with various disabilities and learning styles

Tara Keohane Bronx NY 4th to 7th Grade 0-5 years

I have a wonderful class of 8-10 year olds who learn differently. We love to use tactile materials to help with understanding. Our class is made up of all students with disabilities as well as some English Language Learners. Thank you so much for your kindnessᵕ̈

Jillian Robins New York NY Administration/Special Services 6-10 years

Speech and language therapy - working with students who have speech and language delays, disorders and differences. Some students have articulation issues that negatively impact their overall speech intelligibility and ability to interact with their peers.

Heather Froman Newport AR Administration/Special Services 10+ years

I am a dyslexia therapist and my low income rural students would love theses items to help on interventions.

Carly Lein Milwaukee WI Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

I have a very high English language learner population so these things we help us learn, have fun, be creative and maybe a snack or two in between! Thank you for donating.

Libby Malloy Tampa FL Administration/Special Services 10+ years

This is my 13th year at a Title 1 school in Tampa, Florida. This year I have moved into a new postition where I am able to impact students school wide, especially those that need extra academic and behavioral supports. My list consists of academic and behavior incentives for my students grades K through 5, as well as items to make our schools annual Angel Tree a success this year for our most in need students this holiday season! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Desirae Noriega Houston TX Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

I teach pre-k 4 ESL! There are 8 different languages spoken in my classroom and most of my students are low income. My students and I would appreciate any donation! I love to make school as fun as I can for them since it is their first year in school! :)

Brittany Goodnight Porras Conroe TX Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

This list is for myself and my partner teacher. We both teach Life Skills Units at a Title 1 school in Conroe Texas. We have 20 students in our program and it is continuing to grow! We are so grateful for all who have contributed to our list in the past. You truly have no idea how helpful and thoughtful this is to keep our classrooms going. Our students use and love everything we receive. Thank you thank you!!!!

Nicole Hannon Schenectady NY 8th to 12th Grade 10+ years

I am a first year literacy coach in an upstate urban school in New York. We are looking for supplies (and snacks) for our middle schoolers! We are also hoping to create a relaxing calm down space for them as well.

Megan May Cleburne TX Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

I teach K-6 Gifted and Talented Enrichment classes. My students are all very unique, and their interests vary across many disciplines! I like to have high quality materials in many different topic areas from art to STEM that will challenge them to grow in their gifts. They love opportunities for open ended creation, have a genuine thirst for knowledge, and love a challenge! I serve two campuses (Elementary and Intermediate schools) so many items serve double duty.

Kalyn Franks Lufkin TX Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

Hi! I am a mom to 3 kids and I teach 1st grade!! I teach ESL students, GT students and I love making learning g as hands on as possible! Throughout the year we do several in class projects to aide our leaning and I absolutely love a good classroom transformation!

Katie Nash Mercer County NJ Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

I am a kindergarten teacher at a Title 1 school in NJ. I currently have 36 students that will benefit from your donation! The items on my list allow me to make kindergarten engaging and exciting for my students. I teach English Language Arts, so I have a wide variety of books on my list. As a kindergarten teacher, I strive to have my students develop a love for reading. I appreciate your generosity and support for my classroom!

Faith Miller Coppell TX 4th to 7th Grade 0-5 years

I work in a 4th grade classroom and this is my third year. We serve students of all backgrounds including emergent bilingual and special education students. Any donation to our classroom would mean the world to us. Thank you so much!

Amy Rutherford Bossier City LA Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

1st grade class consisting of military and low income students. We become a little family each year and strive to show growth. Through openness and connection we help one another to learn to read and grow.

Jessica Greco Babylon NY 8th to 12th Grade 0-5 years

I teach 8th grade Algebra 1 in a co taught setting. I have both general education and special education students. Anything helps, thank you!

Kristen Velez Bronx NY Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

My classroom is an ICT classroom with a number of children with IEPs. They are all of low socioeconomic status and most of them are struggling to read. I would appreciate and be grateful for any items!

Mackenzie Ellis Seattle WA 4th to 7th Grade 10+ years

My 4th grade students are AMAZING! There are many needs in my classroom that cannot be met only by my resources and what students bring to school. We would appreciate your support to enrich our classroom library and create an environment where we all belong!

Lluvia Ponce Richmond TX Pre-K to 3rd Grade 0-5 years

I love teaching and able to guide them explicitly by giving them motivation. Learning can definitely be fun and that’s what I try to do every day. I teach at a Title 1 school which means many of my students do not come prepared with the basic supplies for school. Some of my students rely on the school lunch and breakfast to eat a warm meal. I would like for my students to come to a classroom where they feel safe, welcomed, loved and have what they need to be successful in second grade.

Chris Pringle Charlotte NC Administration/Special Services 6-10 years

I teach elementary school general music at my school and we have a lot of fun! I love teaching my students to sing and how to play instruments with a great focus on rhythm and music literacy. I connect my lessons and instruction to the general curriculum and other content areas, frequently using books as a teaching aid and using analogies and connects to math, literacy, science, and history for a learning experience that transcends my classroom!

Kim Hippeli Milford MA Pre-K to 3rd Grade 10+ years

I teach reading to students who have English as a second language and students who need extra time learning all the essential skills to become strong readers. I work in a K-2 building with small groups.

Sarah Wilkinson West Chester OH Pre-K to 3rd Grade 6-10 years

I am a school counselor to over 650 students. We have numerous families who are receiving support from our community liaison due to struggles to make ends meet. Items on this list would go towards resupplying clothes, winter coats and accessories. All of these families will also need help with Christmas, so some items will be used as gifts. Additionally, due to being a counselor, I do not receive any money to supply my office, so some items will be for students to use at school.